About this site

Division Handmade:
We invite you to participate in the contests for moulding and photography! You can access the archive.
We are waiting for your work!!!

The Best.
Here are exhibited works that were selected in the contests. If you want to see a photo of your handcrafts on the main page of our portal, send the most interesting by mail.

Exclusive products from fimo, clay, cardboard, paper, gemstones, wire, beads, fabrics and furs! We invite you to view or purchase.
Fair - a convenient service to advertise your work on pages livejournal.com and other projects. Made with love! Made for fun!

Division Animation:
There are a few new humorous multfilm from plasticine.

This division is newest.
There are a lot of useful books and magazines about modelling, design, drawing, handcraft and photography here.

Division Photography:
It's a set of stories and photos with pleasant melodies (format of files: .swf). Photos by Maria Artemenko

-Meditation presentations (documentary photography, landscape, reportage, macro, close-up).
-Macro (closer and close-up)
-Travels (landscape, architecture, reportage, close-up).

Division Master Classes:
Lessons and articles about design, modelling and photography.


Division for children - Tales
There are illustrations for children's books, child's creation and art studio from Evgenia F.

-Child's creation
-Art studio

You may find here usefull links, start a diary.

We're wait your questions and proposals at:
april180 () gmail.com
.. and we have a news community! You may to know about last changes at LiveJournal.com.

Maria & Alexandr Artemenko