Lampwokers Community announces!
Administration decided on the best works:
1 Place Shegutova Julia Irkutsk 'Spring Appletree'
2 Place of Light and Vadim Smolyaninovy.g.Aleksandriya / Ukraine 'Attire birches'
3 Place Anna Chernykh. Ekaterinburg 'Spring Sun'
We witness the work of the participants are invited to discuss and vote! SEE HERE!

It is cheap interesting games or equipment!

1) CNU-550 CDMA USB Modem for Skylink.
Compact and lightweight CDMA-modem connecting to your laptop via the port USB, does not require external power source, allows you to quickly and easily connect to the Internet wherever you are. He worked properly.
Will give for 4000. The shop 5250 rubles.
2) A solid case for the discs.
To give half-price, for 200 rubles.
3) Roverbook 2400, modem CNU 550-PRO, Zippo, trackball, and carrying case for underwater shooting sell here !!!
4) Books on programming and psychology sell here !!!

Next, a list of vintage and modern popular games, as well as movies and software discs.


My works in photography and design of sites.
(c) Maria Artemenko

Nikon D50
AF Nikkor 50mm 1-1.4 D
AF S Nikkor 18-55mm 1-3.5 -- 5.6 G
Helios 44-2 'monocle'
Zenitar-M 1,7-50
Manfrotto Tripode
Guileful Look Act In Collusion Don't mind
River LightsFog and Sun Panorama
Church Drain Estate
Zvezda Wedding Bouquet Working Day
Still Life
Cat N Butterfly Composition Сaptivity
Pilot Сouple Look Up!
grass Toy Night Way

Web-design 2006-2007

Web-design 2002-2005

Small business.

I'm interested in technology creation for long time, and I like ornaments from Art Clay. Unfortunately, I do not think that I appear it at this time or in the near future. But I still like handcrafts from Art Clay! Recently, I told about this technique friend from the Urals. I do not know who would have agreed to help her in the small town where she lived - because she need for imported materials and furnace. Why am I not philanthropist? We felt sad..
A r t   C l a y:

Искусство фотографии

Сегодня градусник за окном показал + 15!


Проба: витражные краски.

Роспись по стеклу витражными красками Vitrail (также использован золотистый контур фирмы Decola, продаются везде).
Баночка для Апельсиново-Лимонного варенья!

Две модельки!


Хочу похвастать 3D - картинкой.
Ниче особенного, но зато первая! :))))

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