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Prague's Streets: How to cook candy by hand? This can be done simply - like beads Fimo! P.S. — We publish the results of the photo exhibition of Alexander and Maria Artemenko.
Photos-winners are marked in red.


Lampwokers Community announces!
Administration decided on the best works:
1 Place Shegutova Julia Irkutsk 'Spring Appletree'
2 Place of Light and Vadim Smolyaninovy.g.Aleksandriya / Ukraine 'Attire birches'
3 Place Anna Chernykh. Ekaterinburg 'Spring Sun'
We witness the work of the participants are invited to discuss and vote! SEE HERE!

Слайдшоу для медитации

Introducing a relaxing and well-known melody Hemingbough.... A Prelude to Infinity (Robert Haig Coxon) with set of my photos: spring and summer.


Вальс Цветов (слайдшоу)

Музыкальное сопровождение: Чайковский, "Вальс Цветов" из балета "Щелкунчик".

Coffee Blues


Funny slide-shows.

- Presentation "Club Mood" (6 mb) with music from the movie K. Tarantino "Proof of death".
- There are many experiments with light! Presentation "Night Lights" with dance music.
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