Prizes and Winners

a r c h i v e s...

Lampwokers Community announces!
Administration decided on the best works:
1 Place Shegutova Julia Irkutsk 'Spring Appletree'
2 Place of Light and Vadim Smolyaninovy.g.Aleksandriya / Ukraine 'Attire birches'
3 Place Anna Chernykh. Ekaterinburg 'Spring Sun'
We witness the work of the participants are invited to discuss and vote!

! ! ! Site announced better job: Anna Chernykh Ekaterinburg 'Spring Sun'!

It is hard to imagine where to start the wizard from the community lempvokerov! :D
We're monitor their work and cheer for beginners!

Workplace of lampwoker:

(c) Russian Community Lempvork

Announce a competition!
The best photos of dandelion will be published here
and winners will receive tasty prize!
Precondition: a WHITE dandelion!
e-mail: april180 () gmail com


Artistic photography contest!
As prizes were printing works format 30X40cm
R e s u l t s    o f    v o t i n g:
* - In terms of the number of photographs in the high ratings won Maria (works "About Time" and "Field work").
* - In terms of the number of photographs in the field of low ratings defeated Alexander.
* - In terms of the number of photographs above average arithmetic evaluation won Alexander.
There're photos you can see below (in descending order):
Author Alexandr A.
Thin twigs
Author Alexandr A.
Highest quality
Author Alexandr A.
Horned and Moon
Author Alexandr A.
About time
Author Maria A.
Author Alexandr A.
Field for activity
Author Maria A.
Author Alexandr A.
Green and Gold
Author Alexandr A.
Author Alexandr A.
Doctor Pepper
Author Maria A.
Author Alexandr A.
Tet a Tet
Author Maria A.
Leaf under a microscope
Author Maria A.
Author Alexandr A.
Sweet life
Author Alexandr A.
Pink somebody
Author Alexandr A.
Abstract onions
Author Maria A.

(c) Maria Artemenko, 2008.

In last contest of site 'Pretty Things' won Froggy!

We'll be wait your photos! E-mail
Here archive of our contests.

1. SO,
we got a lot of different nice heroies (here), but Froggy won first place!
Winner live in page 'Animation', and author's site is Big 40wt Firefly's Blog.

Good Day, dear guests!
I declare the beginning of a new contest for modeling of very charming heroies cartoon 'Three froggs'! This is a puppet movie, 1987. Director: Ivan Ufimtsev, actors: Sergei Koltakov, German Kachin, Leonid Yarmolnik. Three baby-froggs live in a pond, which so much mud. And they decided to go to sea ... All three cartoon series can be downloaded: 1 , 2 .

I have long thought .. and solve :) 
I decided!!!
First place for very good work receives ALYONA and her elephant calf! Prize for first place - super teapot left in Tver :)
But second position with prize too. ;) 
So, polimer clay FIMO go away to
The third prize - bag of sweet go away in Tver for little Veronichka. She's very assiduous young women :)
I'm glad to offer Monkey from ashi_blondy:


a r c h i v e...

We invite you to participate in the contest for modeling very recognizable heroies cartoon '38 PARROTS'!
We are creators need for new project-

Contest will complete 
on 23-th of February. 
So, who's first? ? :)
These frames are very humorous!