The Best

Here are exhibited works that were selected in contests. If you want to see a photo of your handicrafts on the main page of our portal send the most interesting by mail.


Author: KotVik.

Author: Evgenia F..

Author: Alexandr Artemenko.
The handcraft was exhibited here as best and original valentine

Author: Lena Fofanova, 2.4 years old.

Author: Cloud777.

Author: Maria Artemenko.

Author: Alexey.

Author: Donna Kato.

Author: Kathleen Dustin.

Author: Barbara Sperling.

Author: Donna Kato.

Author: Evgenia F..

Author: S.Garidova.

Author: Special_Soulmate.

Author: Flowers Fairy.

Author: Sobaka - Bobaka.

Author: Shim-shoni.

Author: Maria Artemenko.

Author: Meeellla: Clay Jeverly.

Author: white-fluffy.

Author: KotViK.

Author: Ivanitskaya Z.N., Mir - 2001.

Author: Jennifer Trask

Author: A.Udalova

Author: soom (

Author: Mary_Art

Author: Evgenia F.

Author: unknown

Author: Salat ka

Author: Rachael

Author: Tender Shell&Sha

Author: Contrabandos

Author: Art-Mokosh

Author: Sirinas

Author: Beauty-shop

Author: Boncase