About film Island of Freedom..

You may download first test here:
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Full variant, a high quality of sound and picture:
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Two piratesSea fight

Humor tricks from making: 6mb

'Island of Freedom' - it plastice film about sea, pirates and true love!
We are very glad to release the first series 'Schoone Black Arrow'!
I think that the next series will more professionally. :)

Be used editors: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premier Pro 2.0, Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0, Pinacle Studio 9, VirtualDub 1.6.1, Auto Gordian Knot 2.27, Sound Forge 4.5b; and also fragments of film "Final Fantasy", "Living Ocean"; soundtracks Declan Carrickfergus, the film South Park, games Counter Strike 1.6 and Etherlords.
...Above the first series of film work:
Screen version, explication, directors, editing and dubbed: Maria Artemenko.
Camera Work: Alexander Artemenko.
Plastic models, scenery and model sailing ships XVIII Century: Maria and Alexander Artemenko.

It starts filming the another series of movie! We can reveal little secret - in this series will appear four main heros. Design cabins will be performed in a workshop design, taking into account the styles of interior XVIII century.

G a l l e r y   o f   p h o t o s:

Schooner XVIII century_Island of Freedom
Schooner 'Black Arrow'
... The third month is sail. After a few short stops in the minor ports and quiet bays west coast of Africa schooner doubled Cape of Good Hope and by visiting the southern part of Madagascar, deepened into the waters of the Indian Ocean. The captain of the boat, single-eyed Spaniard Luis Bernardito al Gorra, recruited good guys for long-distance voyage. Forty-six sailors, tattoo from head to foot, which smelled powder and came to know all tricks of weather; Botsmana old man, called for a fierce Bob Shark; assistant captain Giacomo Grelli, earning the nickname in abordazhnyh battles Leopard Grelli, and at last himself Bernardito, Single-eyed Devil, - Such was the crew of 'Black Arrow'...

English double-decked brig XVIII century_'Island of Freedom' /><br />English double-decked brig, XVIII century.<br />The dummy was maked by drawings of site <a href='Pirates, korsary, bukanery'.

French frigate XVIII century _ Island of Freedom
French frigate, XVIII century.
The dummy was maked by drawings of site 'Pirates, korsary, bukanery'.

Pirate Jekob Skeleton _ Island of Freedom    Pirate Red-haired Pugh _ Island of Freedom
Gaunt guy, called by team Jacob Skeleton and Red-haired Pugh with a gold earrings in the ear. Pugh was already year on the schooner, and Jacob got to 'Black Arrow' three months ago from the Turkish ship.

C o m m e n t s:
Smiled. I like production, good change of angle and great work and tirelessness of course.
A bird was maked themselves?
Sergey V.
It is a pity that black and white.
A bird from where?!
Good .. You made it! ..
Very cool. I'm waiting for the continuing.
You did well!
I couldn't tear myself away from the screen all five minutes!:)