Small business.

I'm interested in technology creation for long time, and I like ornaments from Art Clay. Unfortunately, I do not think that I appear it at this time or in the near future. But I still like handcrafts from Art Clay! Recently, I told about this technique friend from the Urals. I do not know who would have agreed to help her in the small town where she lived - because she need for imported materials and furnace. Why am I not philanthropist? We felt sad..
A r t   C l a y:

T h e n...
Material (art clay gold).
Material (art clay glass)
Furnace ( from USA, $500).
There are paints for colorization metallic clay in different colors. I met training logs in an Internet stores for $15.
There are two log about Silver Clay in our library: 1, 2.
Usefull link:
Russian community about Art Clay (there are many pictures and training).