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Four Seasons

There are big color panorams about four seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring - summer.
Music from game "Etherlords". 70mb.

Meditative slide-show from Alena

Specially for PThings!

Walks Without Snow

River Station, the Kremlin, monasteries, Kuskovo - all you'll see two new slideshow.
At this time, many experiments with light.

Autumn Arhangel'skoe

Florescence and architectural mood among fresh air.
Music from Le_Moine_et_le_Poisson


Results of dandelion's contest !


We are looking for prize all summer, fall in love with dandelions again and again. But the winner was a tender dandelion from afar - from Ukraine:

Photo-news from Moscow

There are a few pictures about moscow streets.

Moscow Stranger

Panoramas from Altai and more!

There are more 20 grandiose panoramas of Altai!
And beautiful landscapes, macro, portraits here.. With amazing music!

It's famouse compositions: spiritual chants from Serbia and the Tibet music theme.
Look here! (23 mb with the gradual uploading pictures)
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