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We will begin to publish new excellent landscapes from Altai.
The first digital photos - here (The films will be ready later).

Ladybird in the Latest Fashion

Photo - podcast No 8

In this issue:
* Discourse on means of artistic expression;
* How you can to analyze your photographic work;
* Gallery of portraits with pleasant music.

Presentation for amusement!

New photos (8,4 mb):
- artistic portret,
- Moscow, Jason Webley
- Kolomenskoe,
- Ilyinskoe,
- New Afon.Composition Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre). La revancha Del Tango.

And.. Last 'Photography for amusement'.


Fortunately, this panorama made VERY quickly, because discovered useful option in Adobe Elements 4:
File / New / Photomegre Panorama . I recommend! It's the easiest former editors, which I met earlier.

Evening Glow

The best architecture, which you remember, is in ...

Small business.

I'm interested in technology creation for long time, and I like ornaments from Art Clay. Unfortunately, I do not think that I appear it at this time or in the near future. But I still like handcrafts from Art Clay! Recently, I told about this technique friend from the Urals. I do not know who would have agreed to help her in the small town where she lived - because she need for imported materials and furnace. Why am I not philanthropist? We felt sad..
A r t   C l a y:

Presentation for fun.

Gallery of art.
This set compiled by people with sense of humour. :)

.swf (20mb)
Artists: Thomas Kinkade, Kagaya and other.
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